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Introducing the Stealth SignalLock™ RFID-Blocking Card: A guard for your wealth, encased in a card.

Unlock unparalleled security with the Stealth SignalLock™ RFID-Blocking Card from Onyx Goods. Engineered with cutting-edge SignalLock™ Technology, this discreet card serves as an invisible shield, protecting your valuable card information from unauthorized access.

Key Features:

  1. Stealth Security: Activate a cloak of protection with SignalLock™, ensuring your sensitive data remains confidential in a world of digital threats.

  2. Sleek Design: Slip the card effortlessly into your wallet; its slim and elegant design complements any style without compromising functionality.

  3. Multi-Card Protection: Safeguard not just one but multiple cards, providing comprehensive defense against RFID theft for all your essentials.

  4. Confident Transactions: Tap and pay with confidence, knowing that your transactions are shielded from potential cyber threats.

  5. Universal Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly fit into all wallets, the Stealth SignalLock™ card is your universal defense against digital pickpockets.

Limited-Time Quantity Promo:

  • Buy 2 for 600 pesos (Save 100 pesos)
  • Buy 5 for 1,500 pesos (Save 250 pesos)
  • Buy 10 for 2,800 pesos (Save 700 pesos)
  • Buy 20 for 5,000 pesos (Save 3,000 pesos)

Don't miss the chance to fortify your security and save big! Order your Stealth SignalLock™ RFID-Blocking Card today. Your protection starts here.

Free fast shipping to the Philippines for orders above ₱1500!

90-Day Warranty

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