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Introducing the Onyx Aluminum Cardholder – the ultimate minimalist accessory designed for those with a fast-paced lifestyle. Crafted entirely from Space-grade 6063-T5 aluminum, it offers impressive storage capacity within its slim frame. Experience the convenience of the card slider system, revealing your cards with a seamless switchblade-like motion at the press of a button. Elevate your everyday carry with this sleek and efficient cardholder.

Onyx Aluminum Card Holder User Manual

 Step-by-Step Setup:

  • Unbox your card holder.
  • Slide your own cards into the cardholder. We recommend a maximum of 4 embossed cards or 7 non-embossed cards.
    *Pro tip: Place your most-used cards at the back for easy access
  • Optional: Slide some folded bills under the strap for added convenience.
  • You're all set! Experience the smooth functionality of the Aluminum Cardholder with its switchblade card reveal and expandable aluminum backplate for extra storage.

NOTICE: If cards get stuck in the card holder, avoid forcing the button and instead press it gently. Check for misaligned cards, remove one card at a time to reduce pressure, and ensure there are no obstructions. Apply gentle pressure from the back if needed. If the issue persists, seek professional help to avoid damaging the cards or the cardholder.


  • Switchable card reveal for seamless access.
  • Crafted from space-grade 6063-T5 aluminum for  maximum durability.
  • Expandable aluminum backplate to accommodate additional cards or cash.
  • Capable of holding 1-15 cards or bills.


  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 6.4 x 1.3 cm.
  • Push eject card mechanism ensures easy and quick access.
  • Stores 1-6 cards in the cardholder and an additional 8 cards or bills in the backplate.
  • Note: For coins, keep them in your piggy bank ;)
    *actual product color may vary from the images shown*

Note: Gentle pressure is recommended when using the slide eject button; we kindly advise users to be cautious with lightly printed cards as slight wear may occur.

Discover the sleek efficiency of the Aluminum Cardholder, tailor-made for your modern lifestyle. Elevate your everyday carry experience today!

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