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In an era where technology evolves, so does the sophistication of theft. Modern criminals leverage advanced techniques, exploiting vulnerabilities with alarming precision. As we navigate a digital landscape, the threat of information theft becomes more prevalent. Criminals no longer rely solely on physical intrusion; instead, they harness technology to pilfer personal data, especially through RFID theft. It's no joke – safeguarding your information is crucial. Enter the Onyx Stealth RFID-Blocking Card, your vigilant defender against the evolving landscape of modern theft. As criminals get smarter, so does your protection.

Product Overview:
The Onyx Stealth RFID-Blocking Card is designed to protect your valuable card information from unauthorized access using advanced SignalLock™ Technology. This user manual provides essential information on how to use and maximize the features of your Stealth Card.


Package Contents:
- 1 Onyx Stealth RFID-Blocking Card

Key Features:
1. SignalLock™ Technology: Invisible shield against RFID signals for comprehensive protection.
2. Slim Design: Compact size to seamlessly fit into your wallet.
3. Multi-Card Protection: Guards multiple cards from potential RFID theft.
4. Universal Compatibility: Fits into all wallets for universal defense.
5. Durable Material: Crafted from high-quality PVC for long-lasting use.

Usage Instructions:
1. Placement:
- Position the Stealth Card sandwiched between the debit/credit cards in your wallet.

2. Tap-and-Pay:
- For secure transactions, pull out the specific card you want to use from the wallet containing the Stealth Card.

3. Compatibility:
- The Stealth Card is universally compatible with all types of wallets.

4. Care Instructions:
- Wipe the card with a soft, dry cloth to maintain its effectiveness.
- Avoid bending or exposing the card to extreme temperatures.

5. Limitations:
- The Stealth Card protects when kept together with other cards; ensure proximity for optimal performance.

- if you already have an RFID-Blocking wallet, you don't need the Stealth Card anymore. This product is designed to provide protection to non-RFID blocking, regular wallets.

Refer to the FAQs section in this manual for additional information.

Customer Support:
If you have any questions or concerns about the Onyx Stealth RFID-Blocking Card, contact our customer support at

Please read this manual carefully before using the Onyx Stealth RFID-Blocking Card. Keep this manual for future reference.

Thank you for choosing Onyx Goods - Your Security, Our Priority.

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